Stargate Universe

You may not know this–and you probably don’t–but I’m a huge Sci-Fi fan. I’m not one of those people who is either pro-Star Trek or pro-Star Wars, I love them both. But my all-time favorite is the Stargate franchise. I remember when the movie came out with James Spader and Kurt Russel. I mean, damn, that movie was my “awakening”.

When Stargate SG1 came out on television, I never missed an episode. I’ve had a thing for Richard Dean Anderson since his MacGyver days. He’s always been yummy in my book. But the whole series was just awesome. As an ancient history fanatic, it spoke to every aspect of my nerd life. Yes, boys and girls, I’m a huge nerd and I’m okay with that.

Then Stargate Atlantis came out and I was over the moon happy. I do wish they would have followed the Merlin storyline, but that’s a different post. However, I fell in love with the whole story…to a point. As this series wore on, it became boring and I drifted away. If I had known it was going to lead to another series, I might have stuck around a little longer.

I am also a huge fan of Lou Diamond Phillips. I follow him on Twitter and was thrilled to find out that he actually interacts with his fans. He’s even retweeted a couple of my responses to him. I felt like a rock star. But imagine my surprise when I found out that he was on the series Stargate Universe. Wait, there’s a new Stargate show? And LDP is a character? And I missed it? What the hell?

Yes, kids, this old broad went and found the show and am in the process of binge-watching it as we speak. I love the new direction this series took (yes, I know it’s already done and over. Don’t judge me). I love Dr. Rush (Robert Carlyle–he’s so pretty). He’s a little odd, but there’s just something about him that makes me want to know more. I’ve only got about 3 more episodes to go for season 1, but I’m having a hard time dealing with the fact that Lou is kind of a prick in this show. Yep, I said it. His character is an asshole. Makes me want to cry. Good acting, though.

I’m going to make it through the last few episodes of season 1 and carry on to season 2. I gotta see how this thing plays out. But Lou, honey, try and play nice. And if anyone out there knows of any other Stargate series I may have missed, please tell me about them. But not if Lou’s gonna be an asshole.

I’m half way through Season 2. Lou’s not quite the asshole I thought him to be, but still kinda. LOL

Image by Xpics from Pixabay

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