Theory on the Trojan Horse

*The following is based on known facts of archaeologists and experts on the Trojan War. However, the theory I’m projecting is mine and mine alone. This is just something that popped into my head and I am not saying that it’s fact, just my opinion.*

The story of the Trojan War is probably one of the most famous of all ancient Greek works. According to Homer, the Greeks finally won the war by leaving a massive wooden horse outside the city walls of Troy. A dedication to the god Poseidon. As soon as the Greeks sailed off into the sunset, the Trojans moved the giant horse inside the walls. The Trojans had believed that they had sent the Greeks packing and celebrated throughout the night. As soon as everyone had passed out or gone off to bed, a group of Greek warriors crept out of the horse and attacked Troy. It was stellar, but did it really happen?

Though archaeologists have found the site of Troy, as well as the layer they believe to be where the actual event took place, they can’t be absolutely sure. According to archaeologists, there were at least 9 layers to the site, showing that the region had been inhabited both before and after the proposed date of the war.

It was in layers 6 and 7 that experts believe the world of Homer’s Troy lay. Though they found quite a bit of damage in layer 6, it’s thought that this came about due to a massive earthquake. However, it was in layer 7 that they believe that Homer’s Trojan War could be found, taking place sometime between 1300 BCE and 1190 BCE. There, they found extensive damage caused by intensely hot fires and hundreds of arrow and spear tips.

Now, here’s where my theory takes over. Poseidon is not just the god of the sea. He is also the god of horses and earthquakes. So, in the layer where archaeologists have found evidence of an earthquake, could the people of that era have seen that as a sign from Poseidon? As in, “the god sent one of his great steeds to wreak havoc upon the land”.

Troy VI is thought to have occurred sometime between 1750BC and 1300BC. Even after a massive earthquake, people were still living in this region. They would have had to work hard to recover from whatever devastation the quake may have caused and they would have been very vulnerable. Is it possible that sometime within the next 200 years, the Mycenaeans would attack the still-recovering city and bring an end to the known Trojan world of the time?

The Trojan War will always be a myth that rings in our hearts. But it is proof that many of the legends that have come down over time do have some basis in reality. It may not be shown in a way we would know it today, but it is there. What other legends have their origins in reality? Where is the proof? What else can we learn by digging into our myths and legends?

Image by Hans Rohmann from Pixabay

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